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How children face the learning process?

Children are characterized by a particular heterogeneity, regarding the performance, the level of abilities and capabilities, and their learning interest. More and more students have unwanted behavior and lack of interest in the learning process. The motives vary from child to child. It is necessary all children have active participation in the learning process and connection with the natural and social environment of the school. Teachers are those who can contribute to this process and motivate the children to accept new knowledge.


How important is the role of the teachers in the learning process?

The role of the teachers is to activate children’s learning motivations. Their role is very important for the involvement of the students and this is acknowledged. Teachers are facing many problems in activating the students. At the same time, they have to motivate students with a low level of interest or with increasing cognitive abilities. This fact makes their effort even more difficult. The traditional learning methods are not effective and they have consequences in the evolvement of the children. Teachers try to find new and innovative methods and tools, to attract children in the learning process.


The role of the ProLearn project

The aim of the project is to foster the development of cognitive abilities and effective learning skills of children, to boost their brainpower and maximize cognitive potential.  The output of the project will be the development, the test and the implementation of a comprehensive model of cognitive development support for school-age children (6-14 years old) with the active participation of schools, pedagogical staff/experts and project partners in the participating countries.


The role of the teachers is important for the active involvement of the students in the learning process and learning outcome.


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