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Electronic diagnostic tool for children 11-14 years old

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Pro-Learn’s partners have completed the English version of the “Electronic tool for diagnosis of learning styles and cognitive processes for older children (from 11 to 14 years old).

As the tool for younger children developed in IO1, the IO2’s electronic tool has the same theoretical base and follows the same cognitive processes that are associated with memory, thinking, attention, perception and effective learning.

In specific:

 tool for children

  • The tool provides a pupil with accurate diagnosis of the preferred learning style and cognitive processes to tailor teaching methodology to the individual needs and possibilities of a pupil.
  • The diagnosis will inform teacher how to work with a student to reveal his/her potential and develop his/her abilities.
  • At the same time, parents will get information how to support the development of their children in learning process

The tool has the form of self-assessment of own cognitive function and a preferred learning style. Additionally, it includes a number of executive tasks (logic puzzles, mathematics, rebuses, labyrinths etc.)

 tool for children The pilot testing will begin in October 2021 and has the following goals:

  • test the functionality of the electronic instrument,
  • collect the necessary data for psychometric evaluation of the questionnaire,
  • final selection of most informative items for tool validation and
  • establishing the norms per country

Pilot testing of the elaborated tool will take place with participation of 500 children (11 to 14 years old) from Poland, Romania, Italy, Greece and Cyprus.