Training Toolkit for Teachers and Educators

Training Toolkit for Teachers and Educators

The Training Toolkit for Teachers and Educators is an online platform available as an e-learning course. The training consists of short modules (1 to 3 hours), in multimedia form (including

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Joint Training in Italy

The joint staff training activity of our project took place successfully in Rome (Italy), from 25th till 29th of October. The activity was hosted by Fondazione Patrizio Paoletti, our project

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Training Toolkit for teachers

ProLearn’s partners have developed a Training Toolkit for teachers and educators, which is in the form of e-learning. Toolkit’s main purpose is to support teachers with more accurate, up-to date

Transnational Project Meeting news

3rd Online Transnational Project Meeting

The 3rd Transnational Project Meeting of PRO-LEARN project was conducted online on 05 November 2020. It was planned to take place in Patras, Greece, but due to COVID-19 pandemic and

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Children and learning process

How children face the learning process? Children are characterized by a particular heterogeneity, regarding the performance, the level of abilities and capabilities, and their learning interest. More and more students