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Evaluation of the Training Toolkit for teachers and educators


The evaluation of the Training Toolkit for teachers and educators is undergoing during this month by the experts on the field.

The Training Toolkit is composed of 10 online, short-term training (1 to 3 hours) available in a form of e-learning, in multimedia form focused on the latest discoveries of neuro-pedagogy (learning styles, how to teach children, multisensory teaching, etc.).


The main goals of the Training Toolkit are:

– to provide teachers with knowledge on how to adjust support to pupils individually;

– to shape the teaching methodology according to the needs of students;

– to use the teaching methods which are coherent with cognitive potential of students;

– to involve parents in the learning processes of their children.


The training will offer teachers and trainers the necessary knowledge and the necessary tools and strategies to effectively implement changes in their teaching process as to differentiate their methods according to the students’ needs. The training accompanies each teacher through the learning process by providing knowledge, study materials, and exercises, in order to apply the acquired knowledge in class. Each unit includes video lessons, study material, exercises.

The video lessons present the content of the training with the specific focus on the educational process; the study material has the goal of providing a base of knowledge regarding specific theoretical models and topics that can support the teachers in their activities; the exercises and suggestions provide an opportunity to experiment the ideas presented both with the class and individually.