Training Toolkit for teachers and educators


The partnership’s joint efforts led to the birth of the “Training Toolkit for Teachers and Educators “; a free online platform that aims to enhance and expand teachers’ and educators’ knowledge of the latest findings in neuropedagogy: learning styles, how to teach children, multisensory teaching, active listening, multiple intelligences, and more!

The training, available in e-learning and multimedia form, is divided into four main areas:

  • Neuro didactic psycho-pedagogy
  • The plurality of intelligence
  • Relationship as a key strategy
  • Teaching and Mind Training tools

Each area consists of several units (for a total of 10) that will introduce the user to different topics with the help of video lectures, study materials, examples of exercises to be carried out in the classroom and a learning evaluation questionnaire.

The training is self – paced and the teachers can participate in the selected training at any time and learn at their own pace. Therefore, self-paced learning does not require the presence of an external trainer.

The main objectives of the platform includes:

  • providing teachers with knowledge on how to support students individually;
  • shaping teaching methodology based on students’ needs;
  • using teaching methods consistent with students’ cognitive potential;
  • involving parents in their children’s learning processes.

The piloting phase successfully concluded with the involvement and enrollment on the platform of more than 300 teachers and educators.

Training Toolkit