Electronic tool for diagnosis of cognitive processes and learning styles of younger children

diagnosis of cognitive processes

(from 6 to 10 years old)

The PRO-LEARN Kids questionnaire is designed to measure two key areas of functioning of children/pupils aged 6 to 10 years old:
(1) cognitive processes related to memory, thinking, attention, and perception.
(2) preferred learning styles (visual, auditory, reading-writing, kinaesthetic)

It was developed using the psychometric procedure commonly applied in psychology. The effect of the applied psychometric procedure is the creation of an accurate, reliable, standardized, objective and normalized tool for the diagnosis of cognitive processes and learning styles necessary both in the field of education and in the daily functioning of children.

The knowledge about the child’s functioning in these two areas (cognitive processes and learning styles) is very important. It allows parents, teachers, and educators to take actions supporting children’s intellectual development, implement appropriate teaching methods, and develop programmes to support children in their education process. On the other hand, it helps the child to learn and function more effectively in the school environment.

The PRO-LEARN Kids questionnaire should be completed by a teacher or parent/legal guardian of the child/pupil aged 6-10 years old. After completing the online test, the system automatically counts the results and converts them to a standardized scale and feedback report.

The report contains (1) information about what the PRO-LEARN Kids questionnaire assesses, (2) four basic cognitive processes and their interpretation and (3) the description of two dominant learning styles. The report includes also (4) guidance for work with the child: different for parents/legal guardians and for teachers – so that they can be implemented at home and school.

To learn more about PRO-LEARN Kids tool, please read the Manual.

PRO-LEARN Kids tool