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Pilot testing of electronic tool for diagnosis of cognitive processes – first results

news diagnosis of cognitive processes results

Our team has started on March the pilot testing of the Electronic tool for the diagnosis of cognitive processes of younger children (from 6 to 10 years old).   

This validation phase of the O1 tool is involving 100 teachers and 100 parents/caregivers in each country of the consortium with the aim of gathering data on cognitive functions and learning styles. Every participant country found collaborators in the region /in the country to help in testing this tool. The results after a month of piloting are:

195 teachers and 223 parents from Poland, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, and Romania.

The questionnaire teachers and parents fill is divided into three sections:

  1. Data and information on the compiler and regarding the child to be assessed (any information provided in the tool is recorded anonymously and will be used solely by the PRO-LEARN project working team)
  2. Assessment of Cognitive functions
  3. Assessment of Learning Styles

We will continue testing during the next two months in order to reach the number of 100 teachers and 100 parents for each project partner.

The Pro-Learn pilot testing will end in June 2021 so, if you want to be part of this pilot test, click here

Once accessible, the tool will allow a reliable and free diagnosis of cognitive processes and learning styles, without specialist involvement (psychologist, educator) and will also constitute a useful instrument for identifying the preferred learning styles in children. Diagnosis with this innovative tool will be easily available via the Internet without any physical barriers.