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Training toolkit for teachers and educators

Training toolkit for teachers and educators featured news

The third output of ProLearn project is a Training Toolkit for teachers and educators. This toolkit addresses to teachers and it will help them to acquire the knowledge needed on how to support their students. Moreover, teachers will be able to shape the teaching methodology according to the needs of their students and to use the teaching methods, which are coherent with cognitive potential of them.


The training toolkit consists of ten units, which include both study material and videos. The study material aims at helping the teachers to deepen the knowledge presented in the different videos.

The units of the training toolkit are the following:

  1. Pedagogy and neuroscience – structure and functions of the brain
  2. First introduction to multiple intelligence and learning process
  3. Theory of intelligence and cognitive styles
  4. Learning styles and the VARK model
  5. Brain development in the child: differences and functions from early childhood to teenage years
  6. The role of emotions in the learning process
  7. Active listening and effective communication in the teaching process
  8. The relationship between school and families for a synergic action
  9. Building self-confidence and self-motivation in the child
  10. Mind training: methods and techniques for teaching


Toolkit is currently being developed in English and soon it will be ready in Polish, Greek, Italian and Romanian.


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