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Pilot testing of electronic tool for diagnosis of cognitive processes

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The Pro-Learn’s consortium has started the pilot testing of O1 “Electronic tool for diagnosis of cognitive processes of younger children (from 6 to 10 years old) and will end in June 2021. The proposed tool will allow for a reliable and free diagnosis of cognitive processes and learning styles, without specialist involvement (psychologist, educator). Diagnosis with an innovative tool will be easily available via the Internet without any physical barriers. The tool eliminates the barriers related to universal access of children and young people to specialists who carry out the diagnosis.

The test is accessible online via computer, laptop or smartphone, thus constituting a handy tool for those who otherwise could not benefit from professional services. The outputs of the project will allow a pupil to function more effectively in education process as it will speed up the learning process, help to overcome school failures and it will positively impact on self-esteem and self-efficacy of children and young people.


The pilot phase within the Pro-Learn project has four goals: testing the functionality of the electronic instrument, collecting the necessary data for psychometric evaluation of the questionnaire, final selection of most informative items for tool validation and establishing the norms per country.

This phase for the validation of IO1 will involve 100 teachers and 100 parents/caregivers in each country of the consortium with the aim of gathering data on cognitive functions and learning styles. Due to the young age of pupils (recipients of the electronic diagnostic tool) and their cognitive abilities to take part in the diagnosis (self-assessment) of their own cognitive function, the test will be completed by parents or teachers based on observation and good knowledge of a child. The test will be in the form of a checklist, and its development will be carried out in a psychometric approach, commonly used in psychology, with observance of all methodological and statistical assumptions.


The consortium has also started the development of IO3 “Training Toolkit for teachers and educators”. The training courses will be free of charge, easily accessible and available for the public. Teachers will be able to participate in the selected training at any time and learn at their own pace. Self-paced learning will not require the presence of an external trainer. Each training will contain a theoretical introduction (in the form of videos e.g., the experts’ mini lectures), examples to apply this knowledge in the teacher’s work and practical activities (exercises, case studies, tasks to be performed, etc.)


For more information about the project or if you want to be part of this pilot test, please visit our social media links: