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Presenting the PRO-LEARN project deliverables in Multiplier Events

Agia Napa Primary School (DAN-AT) and Eurosuccess Consulting, organized on June 21st multiplier event in Agia Napa to present and disseminate the ProLearn project’s deliverables.
The event was attended by the Mayor of Ayia Napa, Mr. Christos Zannettou, the Inspector of Primary Education, Mrs. Eleni Papanikola as a representative of the Ministry of Education, Primary Schools, the president of the Ayia Napa School Board, Mr. Fotos Kikilos, the presidents of the Primary and Middle School Parents’ Federations of Famagusta, the president of P.O.E.D. Famagusta, representatives of Parents’ and Guardians’ Associations, teachers, pedagogues, and psychologists. The participants had the opportunity to learn about the purpose of the project, the consortium, and the deliverables, to see and study the diagnostic tools through their tablets or mobile phones, to browse the teacher training platform, and to get to know the games contained in the Toolbox for children. Various topics related to the creation of the above diagnostic and practice/training tools, pilot applications, and their results were discussed, as well as ways to improve the tools so that they become useful tools for improving learning outcomes.
The project’s aim and deliverables:
The aim of the ProLearn project was to strengthen the learning process and cognitive abilities of children, through a holistic approach and innovative methods. Specifically, through the deliverables of the project, the aim was to diagnose and strengthen the cognitive abilities and learning styles of children aged 6-14.

To achieve the project goal, 4 deliverables (two diagnostic tools and two training/practice tools) were developed:
⮚ Deliverable 1 – ProLearn Kids: Online tool for the diagnosis of the cognitive abilities and learning style of children aged 6-10
⮚ Deliverable 2 – ProLearn Teens: Online tool for the diagnosis of the cognitive abilities and learning style of children aged 11-14
⮚ Deliverable 3 – Online Training Program: Training platform for teachers in Neuro-Psychopedagogy, certified by the Patrizio Paoletti Foundation of Italy
⮚ Deliverable 4 – Educational toolkit: educational games and exercises for students aged 6-7, 8-10, and 11-14

The project consortium consists of 6 public and private organizations from 5 countries: OIC Poland Foundation – Poland (Coordinator of the project), Eurosuccess Consulting – Cyprus, Ayia Napa Primary School – Antonis Tsokkou – Cyprus, P-Consulting – Greece, Patrizio Paoletti Foundation – Italy, Elena Doamna School – Romania