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Training Toolkit for teachers

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ProLearn’s partners have developed a Training Toolkit for teachers and educators, which is in the form of e-learning. Toolkit’s main purpose is to support teachers with more accurate, up-to date and scientifically based training, which is not included in typical education.

Toolkit for teachersThe Training Toolkits a valuable source for teachers to modernize their approach in teaching. It is geared to teachers’ needs, so as to:

  • provide individually adjusted support to pupils.
  • shape the teaching methodology according to the needs of students.
  • use the teaching methods which are coherent with cognitive potential of students.
  • involve support parents in learning processes of their children.


The Toolkit is currently available in English and will be translated in Italian, Romanian, Greek and Polish,so as to be easier accessible to more users.

Next step is the piloting testing of the Training Toolkit among schools and their teachers, in Poland, Romania, Italy, Cyprus and Greece.

Stay with us and learn more about our upcoming activities!